Bhavin Shah



With a strong zeal to endeavor new ideas and develop e-commerce businesses across India, Bhavin has had an extensive experience of 12 years in the field of Operations Strategy execution along with marketing and product development. He was also associated with Essar group and other giant Telecom Companies in India.

Vishal Mehta



Highly professional and super committed towards work, Vishal has had a rich experience with Adani and Essar groups and has successfully delivered consultancy assistance to new enterprises and startups. Vishal retains a unique approach towards his ambition – a combination of friendliness and competence.

Pallav Parikh

Adviser & Mentor


Pallav Parikh is professional with 14 years of experience and has given 2 start-up attempts before founding CityShor. A food hogger, an avid reader about internet startup space, crazy about Silicon Valley, one time author (Just like in Hollywood movies) is a Marketing, Distribution and Product guy at CityShor.

Essentially Pallav finds a strataegy within the parameters of a scalable and repeatable method for growth, driven by product and inspired by data. Pallav lately is very much focused on things beyond adwords, Facebook ads, or SEO for distribution. Traditional marketing channels often means high cost per acquisition; as a result, Pallav is looking out for the right growth strategy with the right product-market fit which can lead to massive scale through viral loops. At Homedelight Pallav will nurture this start up for its success basis his overall experience.


Aajiveekacom is a joint initiative of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation & Women Empowerment Corporation specially designed to organize 93% Unorganized Service Providers through Digital Platform with the vision to create Healthy, Harmonious, Peaceful & Prosperous Society.


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